Hands On Sacramento Disaster and Emergency Services Programs

In disasters and emergencies, Hands On Sacramento is designated by the County of Sacramento and State of California to manage and coordinate disaster volunteer response through the following efforts:

The Emergency Volunteer Center

The Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) is a specific location or website where disaster volunteers are efficiently and effectively deployed. The EVC is staffed by a trained corps of volunteers who screen, interview and refer spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers to help in disaster recovery efforts. The EVC ensures that those who wish to assist are processed and utilized based on their skills--enhancing local volunteer disaster response and recovery. Read more....

Emergency Volunteer Corps

The Emergency Volunteer Corps are pre-trained, volunteers who, in disaster, would be called-upon by Hands On Sacramento to assist with staffing the EVC. Outside of disasters and emergencies, these volunteers may participate in local disaster drills and emergency preparedness training. To become a member of this group, CLICK here.

Sacramento Region Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD)

Sacramento Region VOAD is a coalition of faith and community-based organizations, including but not limited to: congregations, organizations such as: Hands On Sacramento, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, food banks, 2-1-1 Sacramento, FEMA, and the state/city/county Office of Emergency Services. Part of a national network of VOAD organizations, VOAD members respond to disasters by working and planning together before they strike. Once disasters occur, a VOAD is ready to respond with resources, volunteers and coordination of services to those who need assistance during and after a disaster. Read more...

Regional Lead Disaster Volunteer Centers in California

The Regional Lead program is a partnership among CaliforniaVolunteers (the Governor’s Office on Volunteerism), and four Volunteer Centers—Hands On Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Fresno. The Regional Leads are working to develop a coordinated system for the management of spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers in disaster through mutual assistance and other efforts. Read more...


Hands On Sacramento Disaster Services is Supported By: