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Disaster & Emergency Services,



Age Minimum (with Adult) - 18, Minimum Age - 18+, Skill Category - N/A Verified Volunteers Level:

Winter Flooding Response and Recovery Volunteers

The Regional Center for Volunteerism/HandsOn Superior California

Interested in Becoming a Disaster Recovery Volunteer? Please register on this site, complete an individual profile, and wait for instructions and specific places to go. PLEASE DO NOT SELF-DEPLOY.
As community needs are assessed, volunteer opportunities will be identified by organizations that need support. You will be contacted once these needs have been expressed. Please be patient with the process as needs assessments will be confirmed in the future. Thank you for your willingness to donate one of life's most precious assets, your time, to help build community and help your neighbors in need, especially during this unprecedented situation.  
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not organize independent in-kind donation drives until community needs have been identified. This will help greatly to not overburden disaster recovery and relief organizations. Always confirm the need and the destination BEFORE collecting. 
Check to our website periodically. Once Disaster Recovery volunteer opportunities have been identified, we will feature them with links so that you can sign-up to help.  
If you are with a nonprofit or governmental agency seeking disaster-related volunteers, please register on our website by clicking HERE. Once you do that you will get assistance on posting your volunteer opportunities on our website.
For now, it will help us if you fill out your volunteer skills profile so we will know more about you and how you can help. Once you register, you'll need to log back in to access and update the volunteer skills. 


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