If you need volunteers, this is the place to start!

Pure and simple - HandsOn Superior California is here to connect you with volunteers throughout the region. There are more than 9,000 volunteers who have active user accounts who volunteer through opportunities posted on our website. Whether you have one time opportunities or ongoing needs, you can post information in our online database. Once uploaded, your projects will be posted into the largest volunteer search engine in the United States. Your volunteer projects will then be viewed by up to 4 million volunteers per month via additional volunteer matching websites such as All for Good and Volunteer Match. This means that you no longer need to post your opportunities on other volunteer-matching systems as we already do that for you! HandsOn Superior California volunteers register to search by interest, skill, keyword and more!

Partner Benefits:

  •  Post opportunities and connect with volunteers online
  •  Track your organization’s volunteer history
  •  Easily communicate with volunteers to share opportunities, last minute reminders, and special requirements prior to projects
  •  Collaborate with us for corporate volunteer projects and Days of Service
  •  Become eligible to work with a trained project leader who can help manage your projects
  •  And best of all…our service is free!

To Become a Partner:

1. Make sure you are eligible.

All Partner Organizations MUST meet the following Criteria: 
  • Be an IRS designated 501(3)c non-profit, government agency, eldercare facility or public school
  • Carry general liability insurance
  • Not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, national origin, age or non-related medical conditions or disabilities
 We do not recruit or refer volunteers to:
  • Work with private individuals independent of an agency
  • Take part in political campaigns or work that can be viewed as overtly political
  • Take part in directly religious activity or proselytizing
  • Make direct financial asks as part of fundraising activities

2. Confirm that your organization is not already registered.

Check our Partner Directory to make sure your organization is not already listed as an active partner. If you find your organization on the list or think an account may have been created in the past (but is perhaps no longer active), contact us at info@handsonsacto.org so we can update and reactivate your account.

3. Use our online system to register your organization and create an agency profile.

4. Download and fill out our Agency Partner Agreement form.

 You can submit the completed form by fax at 916-779-3335 or email a scanned copy to


If you have additional questions after reviewing this For Organizations section, please feel free to email